Jarryd Hall CSI

Colourist |   Cinematographer  |  Grader  

Jarryd Hall CSI is a full-time colourist and cinematographer, creating content for cinema, television, commercial and the web. His work includes a range of feature films, television, commercials, documentaries, corporate content and more.

As a full member of the Colorist Society International (CSI) and Australian Cinematography Society (ACS), Jarryd is continuously driven to provide the best images for television, cinema and the web and enjoys collaborating with directors, producers, production companies and storytellers alike.

Jarryd excels at bringing distractive visual styles to life, driving the narrative to keep a consistent look, particular mood and style for every project.

For more information visit  IMDb: http://www.imdb.com/name/nm3416984/

My Pet Dinosaur

(Feature, 2017)

Jingle Man

(Short, 2016)

Head Above Water

(TV Special, 2016)