Green Screen Studio in Sydney works to visually create the value of your product

If you are looking for a suitable green screen studio space in Sydney, then head over to Pow Wow Film Studios. We are a state of the art, dynamic film and TV production facility providing creative and cutting edge video content facilities.

A green screen studio offers multiple benefits to film makers, some of the obvious ones are that it is an indoor environment. You do not have to worry about factors beyond your control such as weather conditions, natural lighting, location availability, crowd management and noise. In addition, you can add as many layers and effects to your scene as you like. Plus, it’s cost effective as you don’t need to worry about the logistics of moving an entire production unit to a faraway location. 

We understand that every production is unique. And service comes first with a Friendly and Professional staff to make sure your project runs smoothly. You can just walk in, film and walk out with Raw, ProRes or most format files you might require.


Pow Wow can provide everything from an empty green screen room, large enough to fit small sets and stages,
to a complete production stage with 4K camera's, lighting full production crew (makeup, sound, directors, assistants,
camera operators etc).

Also available is our Ursa 4.6K UHD camera for hire either per hour, half day or a full day. Autocue available upon request.


At Pow Wow Film Studios, we are a team of award winning directors, sound designers and producers. All of us strive to create stellar content that engages and entertains the audience. We have experience of over a decade and a track record for delivering ground breaking results in both local and international productions. We have a passion for storytelling and cinema, and we continue to push our production boundaries to the next level.


Our chroma key green studio space can accommodate a small set or stage, as well as a full fledge production stage with 4K cameras and lighting; we can provide you a full production crew of makeup artists, sound directors, assistants and camera operators. You can also enjoy other facilities such as changing room, Wi-Fi and Ursa 4.6K UHD camera for hire either per hour, half day or a full day.


Why Pow Wow Film Studios:

  • Creativity Matters: We create immersive stories that cannot be ignored.

  • Relationship Matters: our core value is based on a strong relation with our clients. Our team of friendly and passionate staff will go the extra mile to see you succeed.

  • Experience Matters: Pow Wow studios has created award winning content for Hollywood movies.

Our studios are equipped with WiFi and discret super fast broadband internet. 

"We work in the dark – We do what we can – We give what we have. Our doubt is our passion and our passion is our task. The rest is the madness of art".

Henry James