DaVinci Resolve has become a central part of our entire production and post production workflow, and Pow Wow’s colorists, editors, VFX artists, producers, directors and clients will be able to view and collaboratively work with DaVinci Resolve files anywhere in the facility, with our internal high speed NAS network.


The on set colorist exports the colour grading files approved by the DP to your colorist back at Pow Wow, who can start working on the original files immediately. It's a much more streamlined file delivery workflow.


At Pow Wow Studios we know that speed, reliability and performance are essential in today’s media industry. All of our Avid suites use the latest Media Composer® technology and 12-core hardware for a high performance HD/SD editing workflow for the most creative and demanding projects.


Our Avid suites are designed with tapeless workflows and are available for ‘WET’ & ‘DRY’ hire. Utilising Avid’s Media Access (AMA) technology for fast and efficient delivery. Each suite is also fitted with the latest Adobe After Effects with a huge range of codec support we can work with virtually any format.



Steve Balbi has years of experience and has been awarded three double platinum ARIA awards, two AFI nominations and more... for music composition and production for Film, TVC and Sonic Branding.


There is no doubt that music can help your vision to create a brand that will reach your channel to market in significant and long-term ways. Pow Wow Studios's music production suite has state of the art technology and total connectivity between all edit suites and 5.1 mixing, giving you a seamless and productive experience.

5.1 + 7.1 SOUND DESIGN

Featuring Dolby Atmos 7.1.2 Mix Theatre, Pow Wow also has the capability for 12.0 and 5.0 IMAX sound.


With the latest Pro Tools HD hardware and software, provides up to 7.1 surround mixing capability. This studio also provides extensive sound effects and music libraries and supports SD and HD video playback making it an ideal space for designing sound, creating M & E (music and effects) tracks and mixing in surround.


Delivery requirements vary greatly from project to project, whether the audio is intended for Digital Cinema, Television, Blu-Ray or Radio, we ensure that all levels and loudness measurements adhere to ITU / ATSC / EBU standards. We provide sound tracks for cinema release, broadcast and video.

New to Australia and a Pow Wow Studios first, 3D Sound. This innovative sound platform creates an immersive listening environment. Delivering a truly new and unique experience for your audience.

"We work in the dark – We do what we can – We give what we have. Our doubt is our passion and our passion is our task. The rest is the madness of art".

Henry James


Based in North Sydney’s CBD, Pow Wow Studios is a leading post production facility providing a full range of visual effects services including conceptual design, development, on-set supervision, 3D animation/CGI, matte painting, and compositing and finishing. As an artist-driven company, Pow Wow is built around an exceptional team of VFX professionals who have created
award-winning visual effects for commercials, music videos and feature films. Combining traditional film making techniques with the most up to date digital solutions in 2D and 3D compositing.